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Mike Abrams

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Lathrop GPM LLP


First and foremost, Mike Abrams is a trial attorney who does his best work in the courtroom – exacting justice for exonerated individuals, obtaining noteworthy court decisions on behalf of companies in a wide range of industries, and taking a stand for businesses fighting to keep their doors open. Mike is a pioneer in recovering financial restitution for exonerated prisoners from the insurance carriers representing the public entities that wrongfully prosecuted and imprisoned them. He recently helped represent three Mississippi men who spent decades in prison for a rape and murder for which they were eventually exonerated. After pursuing law enforcement agencies and employees for their wrongful acts, Mike’s team secured a $16.5 million insurance settlement years after the prisoners’ convictions. “This is the most meaningful work we do,” he emphasizes. “Getting justice makes a huge difference for the exonerated and their families. And it makes police departments and communities better.”

Session List

Securing Insurance Coverage for Wrongful Conviction Lawsuits
Monday, June 06th 3:00 PM to 4:15 PM Room: 225 A