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Speaker's Name
Chad Blomberg

Company Name
Nussbaum Speir Gleason, PLLC


Chad Blomberg is a partner at Nussbaum Speir Gleason, PLLC and is based in Kansas City, Missouri. He is a trial and appellate lawyer who has successfully defended high-profile sexual assault cases that have involved significant media scrutiny. Serving as an investigator, defense litigator, or policy and prevention consultant, Chad serves his clients all over the country in sexual misconduct cases involving teachers, students, coaches, counselors and members of the clergy. Chad also applies his training and prior public relations experience to help clients communicate with jurors and the media. To date, Chad has investigated sexual misconduct claims and defended schools and non-profit organizations in nine different states.

Session List

Risks and Prevention Strategies: Sexual Misconduct Liability
Tuesday, June 07th 11:15 AM to 12:30 PM Room: 221 D