The Risk and Strategy Nexus: the Evolving Role of Risk Leaders in Organizational Success


The risk management discipline is full of buzzwords which often only serve to confuse stakeholders. Is Strategic Risk Management (SRM) just another such buzzword or a possible attempt to rebrand the discipline to jumpstart previously failed attempts to drive rigor and purpose into the risk process? This session will discuss risk management from a strategic standpoint and explore where it’s been and where it’s going with an eye towards its ultimate value to organizations that understand the nexus between risk and performance. It will cover the impact of emerging risks and focus on some key best practices and future trends that will affect every risk manager’s job and future success.

Core Competency #1: PRMS - Public Risk Management Skills


Course Level


Learning Objectives

Objective 1: Understand the evolution and increasing impact and important of risk management
Objective 2: Learn about the distinctions between Strategic, Enterprise and Traditional Risk Management
Objective 3 Understand what the future state of high-performance risk management looks like and how it will affect all risk practitioners


Basic Risk Management Administration