Here Come the Robots: How Technology Will Forever Change Claims Handling


Brian Billings


In this session, Brian Billings will discuss robotic process automation, artificial Intelligence, and other technologies that are likely to impact the risk management and claims handling landscape for public entities in the near future. He will explore these technologies and the supporting data that will drive revolutionary changes in the way insurance carriers transact business.

Core Competency #1: PRMS - Public Risk Management Skills

Claims Management

Course Level


Learning Objectives

Objective 1: 1) Describe Robot Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and how they are different.
Objective 2: 2) Articulate applications of these technologies in both risk management and the claims handling process and illustrate how claim adjusters will benefit (and not be replaced) by these technologies..
Objective 3 3) Discover how AI can be used to unlock valuable information contained in PDFs and other documents.


General Liability/ Auto