Contractual Risk Transfer (CRT) for Governmental Agencies


Tiffany Allen


This session will cover the principles of contractual risk transfer and provide information that public entities can utilize to make informed decisions regarding the transfer of risk. In addition, this session will provide increased awareness and knowledge with respect to contractual indemnity provisions and contractual insurance requirements in service contracts.

Core Competency #2 PA/GBS – Public Administration/General Business Skills:


Course Level


Learning Objectives

Objective 1: • Strengthened ability to identify opportunities to work with their attorney and insurance broker/agent to develop service contracts.
Objective 2: • Knowledge of the benefits of coordination and cooperation between Risk Management, Legal Counsel, HR, Insurance Broker, and Department Heads or Elected Officials when entering into contracts
Objective 3 • Knowledge of the benefits of a systematic service contract administration process that incorporates contract review, examination of risk management alternatives, assignment of roles and responsibilities, meetings with impacted staff, compliance, and performance management.


Basic Risk Management Administration